Kraków and the World

31.05.2016. 00:00 | Kraków, Poland

There is no coincidence in the fact that the theme of the anniversary conference is the phenomenon of Kraków. The city as an endpoint of great cultural processes is an important area of interest and research for the International Cultural Centre. 

Kraków is a laboratory of Polish thinking about heritage, a centre focusing on contemporary challenges faced by Central European cities. The invited experts will debate on the nature of change and transition in the last 25 years, on narratives and tales about the city, as well as on models and challenges of development. In six debates Kraków will be discussed as a city of heritage and literature, as well as a city of innovation and creativity. We will look at the problem of Central European cities in their historical context and in the context of future challenges, on regional and global level. The opening lecture will be given by Claudio Magris.


Source: Internationa Cultural Center (MCK)


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