2015 International Symposium on Cultural Trajectories

13.11.2015. 00:00 | New Taipei City

2015 International Symposium on Cultural Trajectories:

Cultural Governance, What's Next?

New Taipei City, Taiwan, 13–15 November 2015

In the second half of the 20th century, movements of heritage conservation and political democratization made strong impacts on state cultural policies. Going through dialectic currents of cultural hegemony / counter-hegemony, elitism / pluralism, and the pursuit of civil and social rights, citizens in Taiwan and around the world are now drawing their attention to the fulfillment of cultural rights. Agents' (including governments, cultural entrepreneurships, cultural institutions, not-for-profit organizations, and individual art-cultural practitioners) positions on, and engagements in, cultural affairs are shaping the central concerns of cultural governance study today.

Facing the ever complex global cultural scenario, how national / city cultural policies can be reconceptualized to meet the public interests has emerged as a key issue. "What's Next?" for cultural governance, does not only question the heads of states, the chiefs of national and municipal cultural administrations, but also cultural entrepreneurs and practitioners who intend to engage in public art and cultural affairs. The 2015 International Symposium on Cultural Trajectories: Cultural Governance, What's Next? is expected to stimulate responses and dialogues among people of various specialties. The following directions will form major themes of the conference:

  • Cultural Policy and Social Participation;
  • Cultural Industries and Art Markets;
  • Strategies for Museums, Exhibitions and Cultural Resources;
  • International Cultural Relations: New Initiatives in Taiwan, East Asia and Europe.

For further details of the conference please visit the Graduate School of Arts Management and Cultural Policy website at http://acpm.ntua.edu.tw/main.php,

or The Forum for Arts Management and Cultural Policy website at:




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