Culture and Sustainable Development at Times of Crisis - Conference

28.03.2014. 00:00 | University of Arts in Belgrade

University of Arts in Belgrade and Faculty of Dramatic Arts take great pleasure in inviting you to participate in the international scientific conference Culture and Sustainable Development at Times of Crisis, to be held in Belgrade on 27th and 28th March 2014. 
This scientific conference will be held on the occasion of the 10 years jubilee of UNESCO Chair in cultural policy and management of University of Arts in Belgrade. The initiative for this conference has come as a result of work in COST Action Investigating Cultural Sustainability, where the research team of University of Arts and Faculty of Dramatic Arts has been involved.
Despite the existing challenges in the relations of culture, arts and sustainable development, both in the academic and professional public this topic has not been fully recognized so far. Important stronghold for this topic of the conference is reflected through the analysis and comparison of current practices and projects that address issues of culture, art and sustainable development in the world.
In keeping with this new wide interdisciplinary research field, the intention of the organizers of the conference is that the presentations are defined within following topics:
• Cultural policy and sustainable development (cultural capital, cultural tourism, cultural heritage,...) Cultural Sustainability;
• Culture, arts and media in sustainable economic development (cultural industries, broadcast and social media, markets) Creative Economies and Media Sustainability; 
• Culture and territory in sustainable development (creative cities, regions, culture and urban planning) Sense of place and Sustainability;
• Arts, environment and sustainable ecologic development (artistic practices and projects) Arts and Sustainability.
The application form should contain name/s of author/s, affiliation - institution, email address, title of presentation, abstract (max 300 words) and 5 key words in native and English language. Working languages of the conference are English and Serbian. There is no conference fee for participation at the conference. 
The participants may submit their applications until 1st March 2014 at the following email address


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