East European Performing Arts Platform (EEPAP) - Small Grants Programme

30.06.2016. 00:00 | EEPAP

New EEPAP Small Grants Programme is designed to support the innovation, creativity and professional development of individual artists, curators, academics, artistic groups and organizations working in the contemporary dance, theatre and wider performing arts field in 18 EEPAP countries (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Ukraine, Poland, Moldova, Georgia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Kosovo, Macedonia, Romania, Croatia). 

The grant should be used to cover travel and accommodation expenses for an arts professional invited to contribute to an artistic project by an organisation, institution or group. The invited person and the inviting entity must be based in different countries.

The artistic projects may include the development, completion, production or presentation of new work or additional funding of existing ongoing artistic residence programmes or productions.

The results of the artistic projects must be presented publicly. Eligible projects include:

  •  - performances
  •  - workshops
  •  - lectures
  •  - residency programs
  •  - showcases
  •  - festivals and more

The projects should be characterised by an innovative approach and social and civil engagement.

6 small grants will be awarded in 2016. The selected projects will be supported with the sum of 1000 Euros.

More information: EEPAP


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