ENCATC Annual Conference 2013

05.11.2013. 00:00 | Antwerp (Belgium)
ENCATC is pleased to invite you to its next Annual Conference co-organized with the University of Antwerp which will take place inAntwerp on 5-7 November 2013. 
This international gathering is a timely opportunity to reflect upon the new European Communication on “Rethinking Education: investing in skills for better socio-economic outcomes”. This new European strategy states that the development of entrepreneurial skills is a top priority for our education and training systems. This concept is much wider than just training on how to start a business: entrepreneurship is firstly a mindset. In addition, with increasingly rapid changes in the workplace, this conference wishes also to rethink and create a debate around Leadership for cultural organizations and for cultural managers.
This conference has been designed for academicstrainers, researchers, professionals from the cultural and educational sector, organizations, students, policy makers, artists and media from all over the world.
In terms of capacity building, this outstanding event will provide you with the unique opportunity to build up new knowledge, discover new researches and learn from innovative teaching methods. In Antwerp, you will also have the possibility to enlarge your personal and professional network, to exchange experiences and to build new cooperation projects. Moreover, building on the success of the previous years, a number of interactive seminars and study visits at leading cultural organisations based in Antwerp will offer you the possibility to learn and share about trends and perspectives in cultural management and cultural policy in a variety of fields including heritage, museums, performing arts, cultural indicators, cultural & creative industries, urban management and Europe international.


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