European conference DO I HAVE A RIGHT TO ART?

06.11.2014. 15:00 | Belgrade Youth Centre, Americana Hall

ApsArt The Centre for Theatre Research would like to invite you to the European conference DO I HAVE A RIGHT TO ART? which will be held on November 6th 2014 at Belgrade Youth Centre, Americana Hall 3-7 p.m.

The conference focuses on the opportunities/lack of opportunities of access to art and creative processes for people who live in different institutions. The conference is envisioned as a place where people from different sectors (artists, human rights organizations, civil sector, beneficiaries, institutions) will combine their experiences, shed a light on the existing problems and obstacles and try to provide suggestions for solving those problems by working together in workshops.

Our task is to form connections and to join forces in trying to improve this domain.

Please register at (name, surname, profession, organization, contact)


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