IACCM 2015 Conference

01.10.2015. 00:00 | Vienna

IACCM 2015 Conference

Vienna, Austria, 1–3 October 2015

Contemporary Approaches in Training and Education for Cross-cultural Competence –

Potentials, Challenges and its Limits

The IACCM (International Association of Cross-Cultural Competence and Management), SIETAR Austria and CEMS are organizing an international conference on contemporary approaches in training and education for cross-cultural competence. As political, legal and economic barriers are disappearing, questions whether this will cause cultures to converge or harmonize or to resist and accentuate their differences are emerging. Still, business practitioners and scientists ascribe international business failures to a lack of intercultural competence. Research has shown that an adequate preparation has to take place, particularly prior to inter-cultural experiences, in order to stimulate intercultural competence development. Although literature shows us a rich conceptual and theoretical landscape on intercultural competence; still there is a gap between 'knowing' and 'doing'. Questions regarding the theoretical foundations of training and education as well as application of those cross-cultural theories in teaching, educational context and business training remain mostly unexplored. In particular power relations and their implications seem to play a crucial role e.g. in international business ventures.

This conference brings together scientists and practitioners alike in order to foster the dialogue between practice and theory in the cross-cultural field. The invited speakers of the conference are internationally well-known scholars (among others Professors Edeltraud Hanappi-Egger, Günther Stahl and Jonas Puck) and actors in this field.

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