Museum of African Art - Afro Festival

03.06.2016. 00:00 | Museum of African Art in Belgrade

The Afro Festival is an annual event that last several days and takes place at the Museum of African Art in Belgrade (MAA). By gathering African and local artists, experts in the field of African studies, students, conoiseurs of Africna arts and cultures, the Museum organises exhibitions and lectures, concerts, music and art workshops. The Afro Festival offers the “best of the best” of the MAA’s programs. 

This year they have prepared interesting talks and lectures about African arts, guided tours through the permanent display, "Phantom Africa" by Michel Leiris book presentation and "Ibeji: Twice Born" catalogue promotion. You can plan to spend a family day at the Museum at the art workshops for kids: "Trickster Eshu in storieas and in performance", "The Bird in Senufo Art", "Omolangidi Doll" and "What does the Drum Say?", and of course the Afro Festival would not be complaete without our Bazaar and Durbar Day - when the African Embassies in Belgrade promote their cultures through culinary specialities. Finally, don't miss the open-air concert of Horace Thompson and his band Lion Vybz, scheduled for the last day, in the Museum Garden.

For more information on our programs and schedules, check out web page (detailed info soon!):

Source: MAA


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