Testing innovative methods to evaluate cultural and creative spillovers in Europe - deadline

08.04.2016. 00:00 | Dortmund

Last year, the European research partnership on cultural and creative spillovers published its report on ‘Cultural and creative spillover effects in Europe: Report an a preliminary evidence review’ authored by Tom Fleming Creative Consultancy. It has galvanized the debate about how to find a better way to comprehend subsequent impacts and effects of the arts, culture and the creative industries. Now, they are launching a call to be involved in a secondary research stage.

Through this upcoming project they aim to document methods used to demonstrate causality in spillover effects in field research and to share that documentation and its learning in an accessible, meaningful and engaging format – and in the long run to lead to a consistent approach to better understand and measure the spillover effects of the arts, culture and the creative industries in Europe.The research will test hypotheses around the innovative evaluation methods of cultural and creative spillovers in case studies across EU28, EU candidate countries and the Eastern Partnership Countries.

Between 1st March and 8th April 2016 they are soliciting individual or a consortium bid(s) from parties interested in completing case studies that will document, evaluate and make recommendations based on arts, cultural and creative activity/projects/developments where cultural and creative spillover effects have been evaluated or might be evaluated using and testing innovative methods. The output will be a report commenting on and delivering recommendations on the efficacy of methodological approaches used in different settings to measure spillover effects and on future methodological approaches to investigating spillover effects.

Deadline for receipt of tender proposals: 12 noon (GMT +1) Friday 8th April 2016
Contract value: Bids of one case study should be priced in the range of €5,000 to €15,000 (including VAT or equivalent and all expenses); multiple case study bids must cost no more than €45,000 (including VAT or equivalent and all expenses).

For more information, please contact: ccspillover@gmail.com

Source: Cultural Creative Spillovers


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