Beyond Reality Inc

Projects | 07.07.2014. 09:00

“Beyond Reality Inc.” will try to describe life of us who are looking for a piece of freedom in this machinery, but in a very fun and distinctive way.

Movie will try to light up the life of those who are searching for the way to rest their imagination from this world of money, interest, administration and serious faces. We drew together a team of people to create a stop motion cartoon, and they voluntarily accepted to deal with this challenging and almost forgotten movie technique, and to try to stop this trend of neglecting the traditional methods of animation in the best possible way.

Fewer and fewer people are engaged in puppet movie,but it is also noted that traditional models of cartooning are coming back among independent productions, such as ours. Thanks to this idea, our team of cameraman, language teachers, translators, tailors, puppeteers, props, then producers, animators, writers, journalists, set designers and editors,enthusiastically work every day in order to give life to puppets, tiny props and mind-blowing characters from this timeless, layered story.

The idea of Santa Claus,who suffers the bad consequences of economic crisis and losses his job ,although he is definitely one of the most positive characters in the world, will be transformed into educative, but entertaining film that will last for 18 minutes and 40 seconds. Every second of the movie contains 12.5 frames, and there will be 11 characters in nine different scenes. Among the characters there are heroes from different eras of history and mitology, and each of them speak the language from the country or epoch of origin. So, there are six different languages in the film, two of which are extinct – Ancient Greek and Latin. The main character – Santa Claus, of course, speaks all languages, because he is a universal hero of all nations, races, ages, and he breaks all the boundaries and the barriers that are, for some reason, being imposed on us through the ages. In fact, we started to work on this topic because we believe that humanity is, in its essence, wishing to be free from system cages. ”You have to be Sanata Claus! That’s your core.”.

This cartoon partially gathers students of the Academy of Arts from Novi Sad that are studying camera, production, applied arts or design, and it is significant because it allows to gain our first experience.


Stop-motion puppet movie.
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