IETM > Fresh Perspectives ‘Arts and environment’ Call for contributions

Current | 18.05.2015. 04:30

IETM is pleased to announce a new call for contributions for the next IETM’s Fresh Perspectives research on Arts and environment. Deadline: 15 June.

Have you developed projects and practices embedding environmental sustainability in its content and/or in the connection with the audience and local communities? Is ‘environmental sustainability’ the topic of a single project of yours, or is it part of a long-term strategy, also as regards your touring policy, stage materials and building etc.? Does tackling environmental sustainability entail any challenges in looking for support and funding?

IETM is looking forward to hearing from you about how the arts can embrace environmental sustainability and bring a change in individuals and society. They are also interested to hear about the challenges and the possible ‘failures’ you experienced, and the lessons you learned.

This new edition of IETM’s Fresh Perspectives series is developed in collaboration with COAL, the multidisciplinary Coalition for art and sustainable development set up in France in 2008 by professionals in contemporary art, sustainable development and research. This publication will be presented during ArtCOP21 in Paris in the frame of the International Conference on Climate Change COP21.

Please take a few minutes to fill in the questionnaire in the following weblink and send it to ietm(at) to be involved.

Deadline: 15 June