Mapping Your Audience

Academic | 01.03.2015. 12:00


Arts Council Ireland


25 March 2015


Mapping Your Audience is a tool developed for the Arts Council by AIRO.  Arts Audiences and the Strategic Development Department have arranged an online instruction session on how to use this resource along with other TGI and online mapping resources. These tools enable you to identify and understand your audiences for your work.


How it works.

 The session will take place online, and you will be able to interact with Eoghan McCarthy of AIRO live from your own desktop on Google Hangout. Eoghan will give an outline on how to use “Mapping Your Audience” and related tools, and will answer your questions.


Who is it for?

 If you attended the session on the tool at “Focus on Audiences” in December 2014 then this webinar will build on what you learned, and you will be able to ask Eoghan questions in relation to any of the mapping your audience resources available. If you were not there, and you would like to participate, we will be giving an introduction to the tools beforehand. This session will be particularly beneficial to anyone who has venues included in the analysis. Check out if you are there here .


How to sign up.

 Click here no later than 5pm Friday March 13. The session is free of charge and we encourage you to ask questions beforehand in the space provided. Detailed instructions on how to join the webinar will be provided to those who have registered in advance of the event.


More information could be found here.