Summer School on Fashion Management

Academic | 15.05.2013. 00:00

Following the success of the first Summer School in Fashion Management, ENCATC is partnering for a 
second time with its member, the University of Antwerp, to offer an exciting Summer School in Fashion 
Management from 26-30 August 2013 in Antwerp, Belgium. 

This 5 day programme responds to crucial need for professionalization of management in this creative sector.
This year’s diverse programme will introduce participants to the world of fashion management with lectures by 
renowned national and international academics who’ll share their expertise and insights on different aspects 
of management specifically tailored towards the fashion industry (e.g. strategic management, financial 
management, communication management, marketing and branding). Professionals working in the fashion 
industry will open up about their experiences working in fashion and give participants a behind-the-scenes 
look at their organisation or business. To round out the programme, participants will have a guided visit of 
Antwerp’s thriving fashion district and discover various local fashion houses.

Why Antwerp? Antwerp is the perfect backdrop as it is renowned for its creative high-fashion designers. Since 
the emergence of 'the Antwerp six' at the end of the 1980s, the city has taken on the status of a real 'fashion 
city', a status confirmed by events such as 2001’s year of fashion, 'Mode/Fashion Landed/Geland’ and by the 
influence of the renowned Fashion Department at Antwerp’s Royal Academy of Fine Arts and the work of its 

This summer school is specially designed for Master’s and PhD students in (cultural) management who wish 
to explore fashion management more deeply as well as for young professionals. The knowledge and skills 
specifically tailored towards the fashion business will enable all summer school participants to anticipate the 
particular needs and dynamics of the industry later in their careers.

The involvement of ENCATC in this unique project proves once more the strong wish of the network to join 
forces with its members to professionalize and strengthen the cultural sector.