The Value of Writers' Works

The Value of Writers' Works.

Proceedings of The European Writers' Council Authors' Rights Conference

Brussels, 2014, 72 pages, ISSN: 15604217

This publication presents the proceedings of the European Writers' Council 2014 Authors' Rights Conference. The European Writers' Council is a non-profit international federation of 50 national and trans-national associations and unions of professional writers and literary translators in 34 European countries, including Belarus, Montenegro, Turkey, Iceland, Norway and Switzerland, gathering authors working in 40 European languages. The federation's members represent over 160,000 authors.

The Value of Writers' Works was a forum addressing the challenges that concern European authors in the text and book sector in all genres, including screen-writers and literary translators. Basically, a regular decrease in the number of professional writers is observed, which is a significant concern for the cultural community as it impoverishes the European landscape of culture and language diversity. In other words, issues related to the cultural workers are nowadays regarded as being marginal due to the predominance of economic issues – however, cultural issues cannot be disregarded without damaging the European landscape.

Finally, while the crucial question is what can be done to stop the writing profession from gradually disappearing, a concluding remark can be summarised: "We as lawmakers should make sure that the writers have the legal foundation for sound and solid contracts, so that their jobs and creations are being rewarded on fair terms, even taking into account the pressure of evolving technologies and modern times".

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