Janko Ljumović, Mag.

Associate Professor

Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Cetinje

Janko Ljumović is an associate professor at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Cetinje. The subjects he teaches are theater and radio production, as well as Management in culture at postgraduate studies at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Cetinje.

He is a Representative of Montenegro in the Monitoring Committee for Culture of the Council of Europe in Strasbourg, member of the Board of Directors of the Foundation Open Society Institute - Representative Office Montenegro, member of the Board of NETA Theatre Association, and a member of the National Commission of Montenegro in cooperation with UNESCO. 


  • Co-author of project Power of Culture – the matter of media (Open cultural forum, Cetinje, supported by the Open Society Foundation). Special part of the project was the research of contents of columns concerning culture in Montenegrin print and electronic media and a presentation (Janko Ljumović: Komercijalizacija javnih medija (Commercialisation of public media) CNP, Podgorica, 15 March 2002), 2001/02; www.okfcetinje.org
  • Co-author of project Platform for new activities in culture that included the research of models of financing of culture in Slovenia and Croatia, 2003/04; www.policiesforculture.org
  • Participant in project National report of cultural policy of Montenegro (2003), project Reforms in culture (2001) and gave the introductory  speech at the National debate concerning Institution of culture in transitions (2004), organised by the Ministry of Culture of Montenegro.
  • Monitor-expert of the programme KULTURA NOVA of European cultural foundation from Amsterdam, Open Society Foundation, office in Podgorica. This programme included monitoring of independent cultural organisations and a regional seminar in Kotor Advocacy and lobbying the Public Sector for Cultural NGOs (2003)
  • Coordinator and selector of project ART.ME for Montenegro that gathered young artists, activities and theoreticians of culture from ex-Yugoslavia (presentation of Montenegrin scene in Belgrade) in 2000 – Centre for Cultural decontamination (2000) and in Sarajevo- Centre of Modern Arts (2001); www.art.me.org
  • Author of four radio programs: Cvjetni grad (Floral town), production of Faculty of Drama – Belgrade, took part in the festival RadioWeek, Brezovica (1998); Hej Orsone, sta ima novo kod Marsovaca? (Hey Orson, what’s new with the Martians), Psihologija magicne kutije i mistika malih ljudi (Psychology of magic box and mysticism of little people) and Markoni and Crna Gora (Markoni and Montenegro), production of Radio of Montenegro (2000).
  • Producer of a serial of 7 shows Active participation of teaching – towards the modern school, with financial support of the Ministry of Education and Science and UNICEF (2003).
  • Project leader and coordinator of Creative Podgorica that resulted in a publication Start-up Creative Podgorica, a documentary Creative Podgorica, and web portal www.startupmontenegro.com
  • Mentor of the project CITY IN PARK, 2007; www.produkcija.net
  • Co-author of the project ActivArt, 2007
  • Co-author of the project Arte Virtus Blog, 2008
  • Co-editor of teaching materials for subject Media Literacy – Publisher: Montenegrin Education Bureau. 
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  • Email Address: kojan@t-com.me
  • Office: Cetinje, Montenegro
  • Research Interests:
    production, cultural policy
  • Courses Taught:
    Theatre production
    Radio production
    Management in Culture and Portfolio