Association Independent Culture Scene of Serbia


Association Independent Culture Scene of Serbia is a joint platform of organisations, initiatives and individuals in the fields of culture and arts in Serbia. By implementation and exchange of programmes in Serbia and abroad, by activities that build capacities of the Association as well as its members, and by dialogue with decision makers at all levels, the Association aspires to promote the development of innovative and critical art practices, impact cultural policy and other related public policies, contribute to decentralisation of culture in Serbia and establish regional cooperation in Southeast Europe.

Association ICSS goals are: to develop innovative, critical and experimental art and cultural production; impact the formulation and implementation of cultural policies in Serbia at national, provincial and local levels and to impact the formulation and implementation of other related public policies; develop international cultural cooperation, especially cultural cooperation in Southeast Europe; develop intersectoral cooperation in the field of culture in Serbia, especially regarding the development of new models of organisation and partnership between civic and public sectors; decentralise culture in Serbia; develop intercultural dialogue and nurture cultural diversity; build capacities of independent cultural scene partakers; spread and improve education in the field of culture; improve professional and scientific research in culture; acknowledge the culture of equality and diversity and build respect towards cultural, national and religious diversity; contemplate strategically and constantly update fundamental principles of independent organisation and action at the independent scene in relation to previous, present and future socio-political context.