Cultural Policy and Cultural Management

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  • Address: Egyetem tér 1, Debrecen, Hungary

Established in 1999 at the University of Arts and Sciences Kossuth Lajos (Hungary).


Cultural policies; Cultural Development; Cultural Research; Cultural Statistics;Cultural Economics; Legislation concerning Culture; Administration and Management in Arts in Culture; Management of Leisure; Cultural Tourism.


  • To enhance capacity building for cultural policy and cultural management in Hungary and to promote, through regional training, research and information and documentation activities, the network of UNESCO Chairs in Europe, focusing mainly on cultural policies and development, cultural research and statistics, cultural economics, legislation concerning culture, administration and management in arts and culture as well as management of leisure, including cultural tourism.
  • To act as a platform to foster dialogue between all the relevant actors and institutions concerned with the development and execution of cultural policy and cultural management.
  • In particular, to identify policy implications in UNESCO's fields of competence and sensitize public opinion, experts, and decision-makers to the most appropriate methods of formulating, planning, implementing and evaluating cultural policies, strategies, programmes and projects.
  • To co-operate with other institutions and networks working in the area of cultural research and management, as well as with the competent international, regional and national institutions.
  • To co-operate also with other UNESCO Chairs concerned with cultural policy and cultural management with a view to promoting the international network of UNESCO Chairs in Cultural Policies and Cultural Management (NETCULT).

Host Institution

UNESCO Sector/Office responsible for the Chair/Network


Dr. Kalman Rubovszky, Kossuth Lajos University of Arts and Sciences
UNESCO Chairholder