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The ENCATC Newsletter is a monthly service aimed at keeping our members updated about policy developments, activities and events in the cultural management and cultural policy education field.

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ENCATC DIGEST - for stakeholders

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ENCATC Newsletter N°6: Special Issue

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PRAXIS - for ENCATC students

ENCATC strongly believes in supporting student mobility as a way for students of cultural management to gain professional experience and hone their skills in another cultural environment.

To ensure that there’s something for every student profile internships are offered in a wide range of cultural fieldsincluding the cultural and creative industries, the performing arts, cultural heritage, the visual arts, festivals, music, museums and galleries, audio visual, design and many more!

Each year, ENCATC’s PRAXIS Newsletter for students includes over 130 internship and job opportunities inover 20 countries in Europe, but also North America and the Middle East.

PRAXIS is a member only service. Learn more about becoming a member and the other services we provide.  

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Praxis N°8 / 2012

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