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Our vision is a world in which the arts are valued in themselves and for their contribution to strengthening communities and enriching lives.

Company Overview

Our mission is to improve the capacity and effectiveness of government arts funding agencies to benefit society through networking, advocacy and research.


The International Federation of Arts Councils and Culture Agencies (IFACCA) is the worldwide network of national arts funding agencies, and through research, advocacy and networking, is dedicated to improving best practice in arts and cultural policy development, arts funding, audience development and public access to the arts.


ACORNS - the Arts and Culture Online Readers News Service

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To improve the management and sharing of information and ideas between arts councils, ministries of culture and arts and culture organisations, we produce ACORNS - an online news service for and about arts councils and culture agencies. Produced every two weeks, ACORNS contains:

  • News from IFACCA and from arts and culture funding agencies
  • News of more general interest to people working in arts councils and culture agencies
  • A digest of resources, such as links to web sites, new publications, jobs, conferences and events

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