Academy of Arts Novi Sad

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  • Phone: +38121422176 (office) +38121420187 (fax)
  • Address: Đure Jakšića 7, Novi Sad, Serbia

The exceptionally rich creative heritage and flourishing cultural activities created a greater need for qualified artists in the cultural and artistic institutions of Novi Sad and other cultural centres in Vojvodina that led to the foundation of the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad in 1974. What also contributed to this process were the Department of Fine Arts at the Teachers’ Training College in Novi Sad and the extramural Department of the Music Academy from Belgrade that had existed and functioned for many years..

Envisioned as a modern educational, artistic and research institution, based on the latest achievements in contemporary art and research and the best world traditions of teaching in the area of university education in arts, the Academy has quickly grown into one of the most renowned university institutions in the field of arts in the region as well as into an experimental space for artistic, teaching and scientific innovations. 

In the academic 2011/2012, there were 809 students studying at the Faculty at two levels of studies, while the teaching and scientific activities are conducted within 3 departments: 
¬ Department of Music 
¬ Department of Fine Arts 
¬ Department of Drama