Staff exchange manual

are you going, hosting or sending people on a staff exchange?

This newly very efficient publication will help you avoid some traps and might even raise the overall quality of the exchanges you are working on.

The publication highlights the do’s and don'ts when sending, hosting and going on staff exchange. The knowledge was extracted from participants and organisers with experience from staff exchanges (download pdf).
It covers aspects all the way from evaluation timing to “the perfect mindset”. It’s a short read but if you want to hit your theme straight away, here’s the pages you are looking for: Sending (pages 2-11), Participating (pages 12-22) and Hosting (pages 23-23).  
On top of being a good informative read the publication will also double as a possible presentation if you want to describe the concept to the people in and around your organisation, just use the full screen option in Adobe Reader or in the Slideshare above and click away. 


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