PROJECT APPLICATION: Istropolitana Project 2014 - Invitation

Projekti | 16.02.2013. 00:00

Istropolitana Project`14 invites students and teachers to participate in the selection for the  – the Istropolitana Project`14  - 20th international festival of theatre schools that will take place in Bratislava, Slovakia from 20th to 25th of June 2014. Istropolitana Project takes place in Bratislava since 1977. It is a festival of theatre universities and academies from all over the world.

The emphasis should be placed on directing and the authorial contribution of your students and teachers to your theatre project. They encourage you to modify the selected project as much as possible to meet these requirements. An original approach and work of the students of your school will be highly appreciated by the selection committee.

The 28th of February 2014 is the deadline for sending both, the electronic and the printed application form, videos or DVDs (prefered via e-mail) and at least 3 high resolution photos (if they are too big, we recommend you to use and other promotional materials according to your consideration.

Postal address:

Istropolitana Project`14

Divadelná fakulta VŠMU

Ventúrska 3

813 01 Bratislava


E-mail address:

Please send all the requested materials to both e-mail addresses:

Information about the results of the selection of performances will be available by the end of March 2014.

During the festival the students and the teaching or technical staff will be provided with the following services:

1.     accommodation and boarding (in the form of food vouchers) for 12 participants of each invited school (including teachers and technical staff)

2.     tickets for the Istropolitana Project´s performances for free (if you order them in advance) or at special festival prices

3.     free entrance to the workshops, lectures, symposium and evening programmes

Please, fill in carefully all parts of the application form (pay special attention to the technical requirements and the list of props)

Moreover, please make sure, that the copyrights of your performance are settled up. We will need the confirmation of the settled copyrights on the spot in Bratislava.

The Istropolitana Project´14 will be held in professional theatre spaces, which include: traditional proscenium stage, universal theatre and modern proscenium stage. However, we cannot guarantee that your performance will be performed in the space of your choice.

Contact them for all additional information here: