7th ELIA Leadership Symposium

01.12.2015. 00:00 | Cape Town

7th ELIA Leadership Symposium: Dominance / Diversity / Disruption

Cape Town, South Africa, 1–4 December 2015

After the success of Los Angeles, London, Hong Kong, Zurich, Vancouver and Helsinki, the ELIA Leadership Symposium again brings together influential leaders from higher arts education institutions and universities across the globe for an important and timely discussion on current issues in leadership in higher arts education.

Post-apartheid South Africa is a laboratory of social transformation. Working within this context ELIA will address this changing world and reflect on how key notions of 'the canon', aesthetics and standards of excellence play out in a culturally diverse world. Institutions are shaped by history, by social context, by those who lead and teach, who are themselves shaped by history, education, context and institutional cultures. Increasingly though, institutions are also impacted by the pressures of those who fund them, either as public authorities or as fee-paying students. How do leaders of institutions - themselves in the process of transformation - disrupt, reinforce or nuance the tensions between the economic, the political, the cultural and the artistic dimensions?

While many art schools and universities are facing some of these questions in the light of economic pressures and demographic shifts, the intensity with which South African institutions are dealing with these will provide a new lens and focus for leaders of institutions to reflect on these issues of transformation and change.

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