About Us

Regional Cultural Policy and Management Platform – initiated by the UNESCO Chair in Cultural Policy and Management (MA Studies) at the University in Belgrade, in cooperation with the network of more then thirty institutes, academic departments and civil society organizations from the SEE – has been designed to promote positive changes in the global political rhetoric on culture and put it into the perspective of specific developmental needs of SEE region.

The Cultural Policy and Management Platform is a unique multilingual searchable data base of educational and research institutions in cultural policy and management in the region as well as of relevant civil society organisations and networks with experience in the fields of policy research and advocacy and cultural management training.

Being rooted in the theory of cultural studies (of social structure and power) and organizational sciences, and carried by the most relevant academic and civil society organizations in the region, this platform has the potential to tackle practically all important social issues – from implicit politics to everyday cultural practices – and further more, translate them into concrete cultural activities with practical outcomes (in the sphere of heritage, libraries, literature, visual and performing arts, research, education and training).


The general aims of the Cultural Policy and Management Platform are:

• to enrich the rising global debate about the cultural nature of sustainable development while putting it into the perspective of specific needs of the large and diverse region such the SEE is;

• to use strategically the existing regional and world resources for the purpose of the institutionalization of the mechanisms for cultivation of the SEE’s cultural actors’ capacities;

• to establish the regional innovation system (generation, transfer and application of knowledge) in the sphere of cultural activities;

• to promote the interdisciplinary nature of cultural policy and offer the framework for innovative (integrative, issue-driven) approach to the development of humanistic, social and other sciences throughout the SEE;

• to promote the importance of ethical and competent leadership in the field of culture;

• establish itself as the key professional resource for culture and development in the SEE.


The Cultural Policy and Management Platform has been supported by ERSTE Foundation.