UNICULT 2020 The International Arts & Culture and Policy Programme

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The International Arts & Culture
and Policy Programme

From June 29th until July 12th 2015 at the University of Rijeka, Croatia

“You can’t bring culture to people, you can only bring it out of them." 
Robert Rauschenberg


Unicult2020 is the International Arts & Culture Management and Policy Programme at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences at the University of Rijeka. It's in conformity with Bologna Process higher education standards and the European cultural management and cultural policy educational standards.

The program is planned in order to increase participant's knowledge and skills related to cultural policy and cultural management and to emphasize the importance of cultivating creative capital in acting as a bridge between education and the community.

Unicult2020 program's structure consists of two parts: theoretical and practical, over the course of two weeks between June 29th and July 12th 2015 (112 hours in total). 


Initiated by the Department of Culture of the City of Rijeka, as a part or Rijeka’s nomination for the European Capital of Culture in 2020, the program is designed:
- to enhance the participants’ critical skills in cultural policy, programming and organization

 - to emphasize the importance of cultivating creative capital by bridging education with community
- to increase the intercultural competence of emerging cultural operators and preparing them to guide international actions.

Program Structure

The Unicult2020 program aims to provide professional training from various angles of cultural practice. The structure is a collaborative and applied learning environment, providing an open, flexible, theoretically grounded platform, combined with practical fieldwork experience.  A well-rounded education that will cover issues such as cultural identities and rights and professional ethics and develop the competence to define, interpret and implement inclusive and participatory cultural strategies. Participants will develop strategy skills, be introduced to financial and legal challenges, operations planning, programming, human resource management and negotiation. A heightened capacity for engaging in international projects is a defined objective for Unicult2020.

Besides the designated mentors, the faculty for Unicult2020 consists of the internationally recognized professors from the Faculties of Humanities & Social Sciences, Economics, Law and the Academy of Applied Arts, all at the University of Rijeka, together with experienced international experts from a range of cultural practices.


Lecturers Biographies


Chris Torch: Cultural Mapping a City: People and Places
Milena Dragicevic Sesic: Ethics in Cultural Policy and Arts Management
Nina Obuljen-Korzinek: Cultural Policies
Daniela Urem: Art Direction: From Concept Design to Audience Development
Davor Miskovic: Cultural Resources Management
Tomislav Brajnovic: Mapping a City
Ivan Sarar: Production of Music Festivals
Jacek Dominiczak: Creative Potential of Urban Public Spaces
Ivana Kunda: Copyright
Lara Jelenc: Strategic Management in the Role of Cultural Management
Natasa Jakominic Marot: The Possibility of Financing Projects in Culture from EU Sources
Vjeran Pavlakovic: People: Cultural Memory
Emina Visnic: Implementation of Cultural Policy / Financing Mechanisms
Nebojsa Zelic: Models of Citizens Participation in Decision Making

Unicult2020 Course Descriptions

Teamwork Platform


Based on the principle that a common language is needed for students and teachers alike, the courses are offered in English. 

City of Rijeka Grant 

The Department of Culture of the City of Rijeka is offering 5 Grants to allow 5 selected applicants to attend the Unicult2020 Summer 2015. Through these grants, City of Rijeka proves its commitment in promoting professionalization and mobility of the cultural sector.

Additional Information

Travel and Accommodation 

The University of Rijeka in Pictures

The International Student Guide

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Unicult2020 is coordinated by a partnership made up of academics, cultural operators and local authorities. The program is designed by Daniela Urem in consultation with Chris Torch (Intercult/Sweden).

Who should attend? 

 - Academics
 - Researchers
 - Undergraduate students
 - Masters and PhD students
 - Cultural operators and professionals
 - Representatives from international organizations and Institutes of Culture
 - Anyone interested in this topic
Why attend? 
The Unicult2020 program will help you to: 
 - Build your knowledge and skills within cultural policy and international cultural relations
 - Develop a critical understanding of the diverse and changing relationships between culture and international politics
 - Experience diverse opportunities to engage with key current policy and practitioner concerns
 - Receive a body of work and experiences that can be used to deepen your knowledge
 - Internationalise your career and enlarge your professional network in the Europe
 - Gain access to a rich bibliography on Culture in External Relations and Cultural Diplomacy
Read the Unicult2020 Guidelines that includes more information about Unicult2020 eligibility, grants, procedure and timeframe, how applications are assessed, amount of the grant, and what is not funded.

Accommodation Excluded

We will accept a limited number of applicants on a non-accommodation basis at a 550 Euro rate.

Accommodation Included

The total fee, including tuition and 15 nights accommodation
(from Sunday, June 28th until Monday, July 13th 2015)  is 850 Euro. As such places are highly limited, apply soon to secure your place at this year’s summer program.  

Application Form 
Download the Unicult2020
Application Form.

The deadline to apply for the program is 
Friday, May 15th 2015
Only complete,
English-written applications will be considered.

For all questions,
please contact us by telephone (+385.91.922.4122)
or by email:info@unicult.uniri.hr