art∡ngle - Balkans | Culture | Development


artngle - Balkans | Culture | Development is an independent organization dedicated to the development of inclusive, democratic, and prosperous societies in the region by actively engaging in and supporting cultural development. 
artngle’s mission is to promote and advocate the social relevance of arts and culture by supporting cultural actors in their work, strengthening their capacities, and championing cooperation and exchange. 
In achieving this, artngle puts a specific focus on regional collaboration. It operates in the countries of the Western Balkans, seeking to establish partnerships in the wider region and in other parts of Europe. While the civil sector (independent cultural organizations) is the primary partner in our work, together we promote new cross-sectoral relationships and strategic alliances. 

In order to ensure quality, we promote accountability, professionalism and excellence in overall functioning, reliability, openness, inclusiveness in collaborating with others, as well as efficiency, integrity, transparency, and impartiality in management and decision-making processes.  
artngle, formally established in 2012, is build upon the legacy of the  Swiss Cultural Programme in the Western Balkans.