EDUCULT – Institut of Cultural Policy and Cultural Management

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  • Phone: +43-1-522 31 27 (office) 43-1-522 31 27 30 (fax)
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  • Address: quartier21/MQ Museumsplatz 1/e-1.6, A-1070, Vienna, Austria

Connecting culture, education and policy in theory and practise.

Through our research we aspire to initiate discussion and raise new questions. Dialogue is essential – therefore we include discussion-based methods and involve relevant stakeholders into our work whenever applicable. Our interdisciplinary competences and our international network of experts allow us to design a concept tailored to your needs.

Research, Evaluation and Consultancy

  • Research in cultural education in or out of schools relevant for policy development
  • Audience research and development
  • Evidence-based strategy development in the field of culture and education
  • Evaluation of projects and programmes about arts education and culture mediation


With our expertise in project management and with quantitative and qualitative research know-how, we are ready to develop a research design tailored to your specific field of interest.


Project Management

  • Planning and organisation of projects and events in the fields of cultural education, arts and cultural mediation and intercultural dialogue
  • Organisation of symposia, conferences, workshops and more
  • Target-group oriented public relations
  • Access to local and international networks (arts and cultural institutions, artists, schools and teachers, experts from different fields)
  • Project evaluation in cooperation with EDUCULT researchers


As project managers, our task is to succesfully implement the projects we are reliable for. We work in a flexible, creative and efficient way and in close dialogue with our partners and clients.


  • Development and planning of projects and events in the field of cultural education, arts- and cultural mediation
  • Evidence-based strategy development in the field of culture and education
  • Support in identifying partners and fundraising options for your project
  • Consultancy in the development of applications


Our expertise in policy and social analysis is complemented by our competences in education and economics. We offer you professional support and consultancy tailored to your requirements.