IETM - International Network for Contemporary Performing Arts

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  • Phone: +32 2 201 09 15 (office) +32 2 203 02 26 (fax)
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  • Address: 19 Square Sainctelette, Brussels, Belgium

IETM is a network and a membership organisation.

  Our Mission is:

To stimulate the quality, development and contexts of contemporary performing arts in a global environment by initiating and facilitating:

▪ Professional networking and communication
▪ The dynamic exchange of information
▪ Know-how transfer and presentations of examples of good practice


 Our ambitions are:

  • to empower arts professionals with skills, competences and know-how that help them to:
    • adapt to (and take advantage of) changes in their social and political context due to globalisation, demographic change, and digital revolution, 
    • overcome reducing public funding and cultural participation
  • to produce long term results which will go beyond the sole interest of IETM’s members and other direct participants, to leave a long-term legacy on the cultural landscape in Europe and beyond; 
  • to strengthen the impact of the network and ensure its continuous renewal.


 Our Basic Principles are:

Connecting, Learning, Engaging, Communicating. Sharing.


 Our Three Year Plan (2014 - 2017)

To realise our ambitions, we will focul on:

  • Engagement in multilateral alliances with other organisations, sectors and networks 
  • Development of five program lines (Sustainable Models, Measurable Impact, Life Arts in Digital Times, Worldwide Connections, Professional Capacities) to augment knowledge and expertise, to realize new strategies and to test results 
  • The use of digital technologies and the development of audiences will be part of each program line, as is the professional development of the participants
  • A newly built Digital Platform will function as the online continuation of the live meetings and help to monitor the project, share research, reports and evaluations.