E-Space MOOC Creative with Digital Heritage

Aktualno | 18.05.2016. 00:00

The Europeana Space MOOC Creative with Digital Heritage is planned to take place in the first semester of 2016/2017 academic year (i.e. Autumn 2016).

E-Space MOOC will be organized in 3 main levels:

  • Entry level: showing different kinds of content and how to re-use them.
  • Level 2: pro-am level: connveying the information on how to use existing tools on E-Space platform and Europeana Labs: the idea is to stimulate people to become proactive users of Europeana (and similar) content. This level targets e.g. teachers who will learn how they easily can create stories and tasks for their students with the Europeana content, saving these stories mixed with their own content into the E-Space content space. It will target museum professionals to show how existing tools enable them to do more with their exhibited contents. It will show people how to maximize the use of their smart TV using multiscreen apps. The pro-am level links the broad audience to the professional world of developers and creative industries.
  • Level 3: Professional level: this could be a repository of information for professionals, e.g. how to use the multiscreen toolkit for commercial applications, how to manage rights of images, how to access the E-Space APIs. It translates directly content coming from the project reports into useful materials. The marketing analysis fact sheets are a good example of this.

The MOOC will then include additional levels about IPR, cumulative lessons learnt on: market analysis, hackathons, workshops, problems developers may face (use cases), how to get familiar with technical components etc…; incubation process and much more.

Source: E-Space