Museums Galleries Scotland Conference 2015

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Edinburgh, Scotland, 22 October 2015

The theme of the Museums Galleries Scotland Conference 2015, Fighting Fit: Ready for Anything (working title), will focus on developing the long-term resilience of the museum sector in facing challenging funding and political environments. The purpose of the conference is to offer a cost effective platform through which Scotland's museums and galleries can network and engage with practical and relevant content, helping the sector to develop and work towards delivering against the National Strategy aims and objectives.

The conference will be organised around three sub-themes:

  • Robust: organisational health – governance, business planning and change management;
  • Resourceful: creativity, enterprise and innovation;
  • Responsive: organisational agility and adaptability.

All sessions should showcase creative and efficient solutions to the challenges faced. The conference will create opportunities for knowledge exchange between museums and galleries and other sectors. The day will consist of a mix of presentations, keynote and parallel sessions.

For more information please visit:

or contact Heather Doherty, Research and Evaluation Manager; Museums Galleries Scotland, Waverley Gate, Edinburgh, EH1 3EG, Scotland, UK; tel.: 0131 550 4127; e-mail: