Milena Dragićević Šešić, PhD


Faculty of Dramatic Arts, University of Arts in Belgrade

Milena Dragićević Šešić, former Rector of the University of Arts, Belgrade, now Head of the UNESCO Chair in Cultural Policy and Management (Interculturalism and Mediation in the Balkans), professor of Cultural Policy & Cultural Management, Cultural Studies, Media Studies etc.

Commandeur dans l`Ordre des Palmes Academiques, 2002. (Ministere de l`Education Nationale, France).

Member of National Council for Science and Technology (2006 - 2010).

President of the Cultural Policy Research Award, 2003-2010 (European Cultural Foundation, Amsterdam).

President, now Member of the Board of the European Diploma in Cultural Project Management (Foundation Marcel Hicter, Bruxelles).

Member of the Executive Committee IUC Dubrovnik.

Member of Art & Culture Subboard of OSI (Soros network).

Former ENCATC and ELIA Board Member.

Advisor to the Minister of Culture of the Republic of Serbia (2007-8).


Educational background

1975: Faculty of Dramatic Arts, Diploma: Organization of cultural activities

1976-1977: University Paris VIII Vincennes, Department: Theater, filiere: Animation socio-culturelle, etude de Doctorat du 3eme cycle (mentor: Prof. Andre Veinstein), these: Les equipements socio-culturels et l'animation socio-culturelle en region parisienne, these de D.E.A. (diplome d'etude approfondies), University Paris VIII, juin,1977.

1977-1978: University Paris V - Rene Descartes, Department: Sociologie de l'education - etude de Doctorat du 3eme cycle (mentor: prof. Joffre Dumazedier)

1981. Institutional system of French cultural policy, MA thesis, Faculty of dramatic arts, Belgrade.

Ph.D. thesis: Literary communication and cultural animation, Faculty of Philologu, University of Belgrade, 1990.


Professional experience

Editor in chief of the review: Kultura (1998-2001) and Proceedings for Drama Arts, yearly review of Faculty of Drama Arts. Worked in editorial boards of the reviews: Kultura, since 1984, Potkulture, 1985- 1988 and Sociološki pregled (Sociological Review) 1992-1994, and in European Journal for Cultural policy, 1993 - 1997.

Editor of the book serials: Media studies (Fondation Soros Yugoslavia), Art, Culture & Media at University of Arts (from 1992 till today), Apatrides (1992-1993) at Radio B92.

Lecturer: European Diploma in Cultural Project Management, Brussels; Moscow School of Social and Economical Sciences; CEU Budapest; I.E.P. Grenoble; University Lyon II; Iagelonian University Krakow, Jyvaskula university, Finland, University of Buffalo, USA, Columbia University New York, University for culture, Riga, ECUME, Dijon; University of Skopje, etc. External examiner for the Master Programme "Art & Media Management in a European Context", Utrecht School of the Arts & Open University London.

Published 16 books and more then 100 essays. Translated in English, German, French, Russian, Lithuanian, Hungarian, Polish, Macedonian, Romanian, Bulgarian, Albanian, Turkish, Arabic, Mongolian, Estonian, Georgian & Chinese.

Expert in cultural policy and management for European Cultural Foundation, Council of Europe, UNESCO, Foundation Marcel Hicter, Pro Helvetia, British Council etc.

Realized and developed more then 50 projects in cultural policy and management – policy trainings, strategic management & capacity building trainings etc, in SEE, but also Belgium, France, Finland, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Senegal, Russia, Latvia, Lithuania etc.

Civil society activist. Participated in numerous public art projects and radical cultural projects and programs in the Balkans.

European networker. Active within ELIA, ENCATC, IETM, ORACLE, and BAN, Balkan Express, Mediterranean networks etc.  

Publications & References

Most important books and publications in foreign languages:

  1. Art Management in Turbulent Times: Adaptable Quality Management, (with S. Dragojević), Boekmanstichting & ECF, Amsterdam, 2005 (in English), Serbian version: CLIO, Belgrade, 2005 Croatian Zagreb 2008, (translated also in Arabic, Macedonian & Russian)

  2. Culture - Management, Animation, Marketing, (with B. Stojković), CLIO, Belgrade, (1994 1st edition), 2007 5th revised and enlarged edition. (in Russian), Tigra, Novosibirsk, 2000; (in Mongolian), Ulan Bator, 2001; (in Macedonian), Templum, Skopje 2003; (in Romanian), Temisoara, 2002; (in Georgian), Tbilisi 2007; (in Polish) 2010.

  3. Intercultural Mediation, (with Sanjin Dragojević), UNESCO, OKO, Sarajevo, 2004 (in English and Bosnian); 2nd edition in English, French and Bosnian; translated and published in Albanian in Pristina/Kosovo in 2007, Georgian Tbilisi in 2010.,

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Most important research projects:

  1. Kultura i mediji u procesima evropskih integracija, Fakultet dramskih umetnosti Beograd, 2005-2010 (podržano od strane Ministarstva nauke, br. 149004)

  2. VANIA – Validation and Certification in the Field of European Cultural Co-operation Project Management, Leonardo program EU, u okviru evropskog univerzitetskog konzorcijuma (London, Brisel, Helsinki, Atina ), Brussels (

  3. Monitornig Javnog servisa Vojvodine, nezavisni istraživački projekat Novosadske novinarske škole, 2006- 2008 (

  4. Culture and Development in Central and Eastern Europe 20 Years After the Collapse of Communism, Budapest Observatory, Budapest (for Council of Europe. Member of international research team: head Peter Inkei Hungary, Baiba Tjarve Latvia, Marek Banczyk Poland, Milena Dragicevic Sesic Serbia, Mikhail Gnedovsky Russia and Cornelia Dumcke Germany), 2008-2009 (

  5. SUS.DIV – Sustainable Development in a Diverse World, New forms of Citizenship and Cultural Identities (2005 – 2010), supported by the European Commission's FP6 programme, Priority 7: Citizens and Governance in the Knowledge-based Economy (35 institucija u konzorcijumu, coordinated by the Fondazione Eni Enrico Mattei. Participating as a member of Oracle network: partner 14 – Reseaux d`administrateurs culturels europeens – ORACLE -

  6. Questioning transitional dynamics in re-defining cultural identities in SouthEastern Europe, dvogodišnji projekat (2010-2011), pokrovitelj: Austrijsko ministarstvo nauke (program saradnje sa Jugoistočnom Evropom: ASO-Call “Research Cooperation and Networking between Austria and South Eastern Europe“, izvršni producent istraživanja Mirovni institut Ljubljana, partneri: Univerzitet u Beču, Institut za međunarodne odnose Zagreb i Univerzitet umetnosti Beograd). (Austrian Science and Research Liaison Office c/o Zentrum für Soziale Innovation, Linke Wienzeile, 2461150 Wien)

  7. Identity and memory: Transcultural drama and media Texts (Serbia 1989-2014), Research project under Ministry of Education and Science for the period: 2011-2015. Research project number: 178012


  • Website:
  • Office: Kosančićev venac 29, Belgrade, Serbia
  • Research Interests:
    cultural management, urban and regional cultural development, interculturalism and cultural memory, cultural policy, mediation and conflict resolution, media diversity and pluralism
  • Courses Taught:
    Cultural management
    – project logic 2
    Cultural management
    – strategic approach 5
    Marketing and PR in culture  VI
    Cultural diplomacy 8
    Cultural management  9
    Cultural management – organisational design and organisational cultures, 10
    Cultural management – critical theories (professional ethics), 10
    Media of mass communication 1, 2
    Communication theory
    Cultural management
    Intercultural project management
    Event Management