Academica – Academic Group


ACADEMICA is an independent, non-profit organisation for research and development in the non-profit (civic, education) and the creative sector (arts, cultural and creative industries) and transfer of modern skills and knowledge through lifelong learning model. It was established in the year 2000.

Academica runs research, development and production projects and programmes, set up as interdisciplinary and autonomous, as separate platforms for development of the strategic issues and strategic thinking.

Acedemica’s mission is to develop the non-profit and the creative sector and to build a knowledge society through development and promotion of enlightenment, creativity and innovation, i.e. new models of non-profit economy.

As citizens association registered in Serbia and international organisation in its activities, Academica explores topics which are considered as an important for development of civil society and knowledge society and it runs numerous development projects and programmes, both  independently and in cooperation with partners, with the objective that these projects and programmes should become an open and autonomous platforms for mobilization and synergetic work of people who share similar beliefs and have the same need for social engagement that isn’t ideologically or politically motivated. Building an open, creative and knowledge society in Serbia and Western Balkans region represents Academica’s long-term orientation, led by belief that the creative and non-profit sector are at the center of social change and new paradigm of social economy in contemporary society.