Faculty of Arts at Southwest University, Department of Culture Studies


Department of Cultural Studies was formed in 1995 in the structure of the Faculty of Arts at Southwest University. Its creator is Prof. Vlachko Kunchev. There are nine highly qualified lecturers - professors, associate professors and assistant professors, currently working in the department. They give the main lectures in the speciality "Cultural Studies" (opened in 1995) and in the speciality "Culture and Media" (teaching students since 2009).

The lecturers at the Department of Cultural Studies teach the following subjects:

  • Professor Angel Angelov: Culture of the Renaissance; Culture of Modernity /XVII - XVIII century/, Visual Culture, Europe - Imagined Geographies.
  • Professor Vasil Markov: The Culture of the Ancient East, Ancient Culture, Ancient Cultures on the Bulgarian Lands.
  • Associate Professor Tatiana Shopova: Culture and Communication, Art and Communication, Media and Arts, Arts on the Virtual Space.
  • Associate Professor Svetlana Hristova: Cultural Anthropology, Anthropology of Modernity, Sociology of Culture, Visual Anthropology.
  • Associate Professor Tatiana Stoichkova: European Cultural Policies; Culture of Everyday Life, Cultural Management, Bulgarian Cultural History - the XXth century
  • Associate Professor Maria Vulkova: Culture and Personality, Psychology of Culture, Empirical Cultural Studies, Empirical Studies in the Media.
  • Chief Assistant Professor Lachezar Antonov: Theory of Culture, Culture and Social Critique, Contemporary Cultural Processes, Sociological Aspects of Virtual Reality.
  • Chief Assistant Professor Grigor Grigorov: Medieval culture, Medieval Bulgarian Culture, Culture and Religion, The Culture of Bulgarian Communities Abroad.
  • Assistant Professor Dimitria Spasova: Bulgarian Folk Culture; Socialization of Cultural Heritage; Semiotics of Culture.

For more information on the faculty of the Department of Cultural Studies, see here.