Station - Service for Contemporary Dance


STATION is a bottom-up initiative of the contemporary dance and performing arts community in Serbia. The main goals art to make that community strengthened, structured, and recognized by diverse stake holders in arts, cutlure and education in the Balkans and internationally.

One of the ultimate goals of STATION is to provide reasonable and professional working conditions to all active parties on the art scene in Serbia and the Balkan Region through programmes for education, professional development, production, promotion, advocacy and cultural policy.

STATION is a co-founder and member of Nomad Dance Academy,  druga scena (other scene), the Belgrade platform of independent arts and culture since 2006, and Association of Independant Cultural Scene of Serbia since 2011

Since 2007 STATION operates in the independant cultural center Magacin in Kraljevica Marka, the first space for culture in Belgrade's neigbourhood of Savamala.

What we do:

We support development of contemporary dance scene in Serbia through education, production and promotion of the emerging artists, dancers and choreographers, and encourage experiment, transdicsiplinary work and reserach.

We fight and advocate for the Balkan cultural cooperation through the Nomad Dance Academy platform.

We work on improvement of conditions for independant contemporary artists through our activist, advocacy and solidarity actions, raising visibility of our work.

We place contemporary dance to Serbian cultural map through our annual festival KONDENZ – Festival of contemporary performing arts and through organisation of performances around Serbia.