CALL FOR PAPERS - Paradigms of Cultural Changes: From Fragment to the Whole

02.07.2016. 00:00 | Samara State Institute of Culture

Call for Thematic Collection of Articles

The Department of Theory and History of Culture of Samara State Institute of Culture with the participation of Russian and international partner organizations are preparing a thematic collection of articles 'Paradigms of Cultural Changes: From Fragment to the Whole'. The deadline for submission of papers is 2 July 2016.

Attention is drawn to critical and reflexive experiences of the modern understanding of transcultural shifts and civilizational challenges, artistic and aesthetic experiences, revealing of meaning and valuable imperatives to change life cycles, positioning, codification and reclassification of culture. The publication will include a presentation of current research on the social and historical dynamics of culture, the genetics of cultural codes in the context of strategies, scenarios and technologies of managing change. The focus of consideration is on boundary states of culture, transition processed, ethno-migration mobility, cross-cultural interactions, identification shifts, universals and originality, as well as on adaptive practices, folklore and myth-symbolic transformations. The book will reflect recent scientific projects in the analysis and reconstruction of small (atomic) values of culture (cases, fragments, wrinkles, lines, remarks, details and so on) in various episodes of social and historical practices, including nano-cultural phenomena, elementary artefacts intonation pauses, social fluctuations, cognitive gaps, digital cells, stylistic connotations and language-semantic turns.

A full text version of the forum proceedings will be posted on the websites of the Samara State Institute of Culture and the Russian Scientific Electronic Library (NEB). The collection of papers is a peer-reviewed scientific publication. Publication date: Winter 2016-2017.

Contact details: Prof. Dr. Vladimir I. Ionesov, P.O. Box 3004, Samara, RU-443099, Russia; tel.: +7 (846) 333 22 25 (office), +8 927 2 07 69 20 (mobile);

Source: Culturelink Network


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