For and Against Models of Official Multiculturalism and Multilingualism

05.05.2016. 00:00 | Montreal

Montreal, Quebec, Canada, 5–7 May 2016, McGill University

While official multilingualism promotes and protects equal linguistic rights in legislation, often the constitution, for historic and symbolic reasons, official languages do not always enjoy equal status in practice. Unequal cultural and linguistic power relations have been studied by numerous scholars (Bastarache, Brachandall, Cardinal, Casanova, Conrick, Cronin, Lamarre, Meylaerts, to name but a few) in various disciplines (e.g., the law, political science, sociology, translation studies) and are recognized as a major hurdle to achieving true equality.

Proposed themes:

  • Aboriginal and/versus colonial languages
  • Cultural policies and institutions
  • Education
  • Government policies and institutions
  • Language planning and the status of non-official languages
  • Language, information and technology
  • Laws and jurisprudence
  • Translation.

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