Med Culture - Three New Open Calls Announced by DDD

Актуално | 01.07.2015. 03:15

Drama, Diversity and Development (DDD), a project funded by the European Union funded within the framework of the regional programme Med Culture, announced three new open calls seeking to fund cultural advocacy projects, the production of a film on cultural rights as well as a call for tender for feasibility studies on minority cultural rights in the south Mediterranean region.


The first call aims at identifying provincial, regional or international advocacy projects focusing on abuses of / increased respect for cultural rights and for rights of artists and cultural operators from or working with ethnic, religious and linguistic minorities (including refugees).

Deadline: August 16th 2015

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The second  is a call for tender for the production of a film focusing on the culture and the cultural rights of ethnic, religious and linguistic minorities (including refugees) in the Southern Mediterranean region. The objective is to fund an original character-based story from the region that will be brought to the attention of both local and an international audiences.

The deadline for applications is the 9th of August 2015.

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The third call aims at funding feasibility studies by qualified consultants or researchers, on the use of legal remedies for abuses of cultural rights particularly affecting minorities.  

The deadline to apply is August 9th, 2015.

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The three-year Drama, Diversity and Development project aims at promoting diversity through street theatre across the region, engaging all levels of society, including post performance debates between actors and public aiming to trigger dialogue about multiplicity, difference, discrimination, equality and justice.     

Drama, Diversity and Development is one of three grant projects funded by the European Union within the framework of the regional programme Med Culture, the other two are South-Med CV and Investing in Culture & Art in the South Mediterranean. 

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