23rd ENCATC Annual Conference

21.10.2015. 00:00 | Lecce

23rd ENCATC Annual Conference

The Ecology of Culture: Community Engagement, Co-creation, Cross Fertilization

Lecce, Italy, 21–23 October 2015

Academics, researchers, professionals from the cultural sector, policy makers, artists, students and media from Europe and beyond will gather for the 23rd ENCATC Annual Conference on The Ecology of Culture: Community Engagement, Co-creation, Cross Fertilization to be held in Lecce, Italy, on 21–23 October 2015. ENCATC is the leading European network on cultural management and cultural policy education.

How does a cultural system work as a whole? What are the relationships and links between publicly funded, homemade and commercial culture? Seeing culture as ecology, rather than only as an economy, is helpful to stimulate discussion on the multiple values culture creates, rather than focusing only on financial or social ones. By applying ecological metaphors such as emergence, interdependence, networks, and convergence to culture, we can gain new understandings about how culture works, and these understandings in turn help with policy formulation and implementation.

The ecology of culture will make for a rich debate. By going beyond the obvious notions, it provides the opportunity to explain how culture functions in the context of its local environment. It has the potential to lead to new taxonomies, connections, visualizations, and a clearer picture of the proper characteristics of a particular cultural field. The dynamic three-day programme in Lecce is designed to explore different understandings and approaches to culture as an ecosystem.

For more information, please contact: Elizabeth Darley, Director of Communications, ENCATC, Avenue Maurice 1, 1050 Brussels, Belgium; e-mail: e.darley@encatc.org

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