Call for Papers for the International Conference on Arts and Cultural Management (AIMAC) 2015

Aкадемски | 12.11.2014. 14:00

The AIMAC association, Kedge Business School and the Aix-Marseille University are looking for submissions for the next International Conference on Arts and Cultural Management (AIMAC), which will take place from June 26th to July 1st at Aix-en-Provence, France. The deadline is November 20th.

For over 20 years, the AIMAC conference has brought together the best researchers from all continents. Also opened to practitioners and policy makers, it fosters international approaches and testimonies to the benefit of the scientific community in art and cultural management. Furthermore, the conference supports the international network of researchers and participates in the publication of the International Journal of Arts Management (IJAM), the leading journal in this field. Since the first edition in 1991, the biennial conference has provided a forum for reflecting on and defining the management of arts and culture today. Dozens of countries are represented at each conference. Conferences also endeavor to welcome approaches from all artistic and cultural sectors. 

The program alternates between presentations and discussions "in context" with the professionals of the host cities. Participants include practitioners, researchers and young academics, making AIMAC a social network before the term was even coined.

Call for Papers for the general Conference 

Researchers are invited to submit proposals for paper presentations. Proposals from any relevant discipline will be considered, provided they make an original academic contribution to the study of arts and cultural management. This scientific conference will address various sectors of the arts and cultural industries. Papers on all management approaches are welcome. Contributions from social scientists are also welcome if they focus on management issues. We are also interested in contributions where arts and cultural issues are managed to achieve public and societal objectives. Possible issues:

  • Strategic marketing
  • Fundraising, patronage and sponsorship » Consumer behaviour
  • Product and brand management
  • Strategic management and planning
  • Organisational behaviour
  • Governance
  • Corporate social responsibility
  • Corporate finance strategies
  • Corporate communication strategies
  • Cultural entrepreneurship
  • Creative and cultural industries
  • Creativity and innovation
  • Creative cities and regions
  • Business models
  • Cultural diversity and management
  • Internationalisation
  • Cultural agency for social intervention » Cultural public policies

Call for Papers for the doctoral symposium

After the success in Bogota 2013, AIMAC proposes a doctoral workshop to the attention Ph.D students wishing to submit their research for discussion to further improve the quality of their work. We welcome applicants from a broad range of disciplines and approaches.

The AIMAC 2015 workshop programme is offering talks and presentations from experienced eminent professors used to guide students through their thesis. During parallel sessions, each participant will be expected to present his/her work for fifteen minutes and address epistemological, methodological or theoretical issues. A 10 minutes discussion with academic supervisors will follow.

Doctoral students wishing to present a paper at the doctoral workshop must submit an application under the form of a presentation in English or French focusing on his/her thesis work, detailing its advancement. Points that are raised can be theoretical, methodological and / or empirical. Student may also address issues he/ she wishes to discuss during the presentation. Applications from Ph.D students in their 2nd or 3rd year or from those whose thesis is already well under way but not yet finalized, are particularly encouraged. Academic organizers for the Doctoral Workshop will carry out the selection of application proposals. Participants will be selected on the basis of their application and notified of their acceptance. AIMAC 2015 will limit the number of doctoral students to 24 persons. 

All abstracts for the XIIIth International Conference on Arts and Cultural Management (AIMAC) must be uploaded, through the conference website:

Abstracts and papers can be written in English or in French but oral presentation must be in English. All abstracts must be limited to 1500 words in MS Word format. All text, including titles, names and citations, must be in Times New Roman, 11pt. Insert a single line after title block and author information, with the heading ABSTRACT (in bold letters) Insert a single line after the ABSTRACT heading, followed by the abstract text. Insert a single line after the last abstract text line with the heading Keywords (in bold letters) and give a list of keywords (5 max). 

Authors will be informed of acceptance by February 1st, 2015. 

AIMAC is the oldest and largest association dedicated to the management of arts and culture and the first to have recognized the importance of professionalizing management in the expanding domain of culture. It was also a pioneer in demonstrating how other sectors could benefit from studying this iconic management laboratory that is culture: whether marketing, human resources, strategy and business models, or organizing the creative process.