Looking for a partner in Italy for EU projects?

Projekti | 15.12.2013. 00:00

Dear collegues and friends,

PAV, born in Rome in 2000, creates and develops cultural projects in partnership with artists and institutions. PAV deals with the production, management and administration of cultural events, festivals, performances and conferences at local and international level, with a deep experience in the field of the performing arts.

Our connection with the local cultural reality and our interest and experience in international projects makes us an exceptional hub for partnerships in Europe.
So we would like to propose ourselves as partners for cultural european projects you might be presenting for the next call for Creative Europe in case you are interested in working with Italy. 

Here below a short description of our profile and our relevant projects / fields of action:

- We are the coordinator of one of the Culture Programme 2007-2013 winning projects "Fabulamundi. Playwriting Europe" dedicated to contemporary dramaturgy involving 5 countries - Italy, Spain, Romania, Germany and France. The project involves a network of 16 theaters and festivals (www.fabulamundieurope.eu ). PAV is also coordinator of the new edition of Fabulamundi for Creative Europe 2014-2020, therefore we cannot be coordinators in another project.

- PAV manages the Festival Short Theatre in Rome. Short Theatre promotes Italian and European artists keeping an eye on those already known to the audience, always focusing on contemporary and experimental dramaturgy. Short Theatre provides a glimpse of contemporary theatre, negotiating new and trespassable artistic and relational boundaries. ( www.shorttheatre.org )

PAV has always focused on the issues related to the audience, and the mediation between theatre and the spectators, by developing specific projects and working in collaboration with professional educators and pedagogy experts to find new ways to guide the audience through the theatre experience.

PAV Diagonale Artistica and provides tailored strategies and procedures, created specifically for each company/artist in the fields of production, distribution, communication and promotion.

- We organise seminars, in partnership with European Embassies and Cultural Institutes in Rome, involving writers, intellectuals, philosophers to discuss on a number of issues with the aim of analysing and describing European cultural complexity.

We work with creativity, passion and professionalism. We invite you to visit our website ( www.pav-it.eu ) and contact us if you need any more informationprojects@pav-it.eu .

Let us know!


Claudia Di Giacomo, Roberta Scaglione

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