Svetlana Hristova, PhD

Associate Professor

Southwest University in Blagoevgrad

Svetlana Hristova is an urban sociologist, researcher and lecturer, an Associate Professor at the Faculty of Arts of the South-West University in Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria, where she has been the Head of the Department of Cultural Studies (2000-2004), Director of a Center for Intercultural Dialogue and Integration (2001-2009) and Vice-Dean of the Faculty of Arts (2005-2010). Her research interests in the cross-field of sociology of culture, cultural anthropology and urban studies are exemplified in the projects she headed and co-ordinated such as: Culture of the small town (1999-2000); Public Spaces of the Bulgarian City – Heritage and Development (2005-2007), supported by the Bulgarian Ministry of Education and Science; the international research Re-imaging of Public Space in European Cities and its Role in Social and Ethnocultural Integration (2006-2008) with the participation of the UK, Russia and Ukraine and supported by INTAS at the EU; a senior researcher grant holder from the Central European University, Budapest (2006-2007) for the individual project Places and Non-Places in Central and East-European Cities (A comparison between Sofia and Budapest); leader of a national project Exploration of the existing experience, analysis of the applicability, and preparation of guidelines for a new financing scheme ‘Support for Creation and Promotion of Innovative Cultural Events’ (2010) at the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works, financed by the Regional Development Operative Program.

In 2009 she initiated the Working Group ‘Urban Management and Cultural Policies of City’ at ENCATC, which evolved into a Thematic Area with the same name ( As a TA Chair Svetlana Hristova has been a speaker, moderator and co-organizer of various discussions, seminars and conferences: Can We Build Creative Cities and Regions? (Brussels, 23.04.2009); Re-Imagening Europolis: For a Better Future of Our Cities (Barcelona, 22.10.2009); The Role of Artists in Social Participation: The Contribution of Arts and Culture to Social Sustainability of Cities (Utrecht, 30.09-01.10.2010); Animation of Public Space Through the Arts (Coimbra, 28-30.09.2011); Cultural Sustainability of City in Precarious Times (Helsinki, 14.10.2011); The transformations of the public space: from cultural policies to inclusive governance (Barcelona, 9-12.06.2012).

Svetlana Hristova is a Vice-Chair of the Section of Urban Sociology at the Bulgarian Sociological Association and a member of the Management Committee of the COST Action IS1007 Investigating Cultural Sustainability (2011-2015). In December 2013 she became a member and was elected for a vice-chair of the International Panel for the selection of the Bulgarian European Capital of Culture (2019).

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Svetlana Hristova is also an author and producer of the documentary film “The Squares’ Life” (2010) and a co-author of a public photo-exhibition ‘The Square Alife’ (4-18 of July 2008), the Museum of Dostoevsky, St. Petersburg